Fanzi Quan teacher coaches Sanda

It’s not often you come across an accomplished practitioner of traditional Chinese martial arts who is also an equally high level sanshou coach. Plenty of evidence for both on this clip. Just wish I could understand the interview or find more about him on the internet. “Master Meijian Gao began learning various Chinese martial arts from 1970 to 1978. From 1978 to 1982, he attended the famous Beijing Sports University. In 1979 he was selected to be among the very few in China to be taught and to compete in the full-contact fighting sport of Sanshou.
Master Gao became the All-China national champion in fighting in 1981. The following year saw him as a champion competitor and coach for the Shandong Sports College. He began full-time coaching in 1988, and he served as the official instructor for the China Military Police. He led the first sanshou team to compete in Japan where he also taught. He coached the Chinese team in the 1992 Asian Games. In 1996 he was selected to become an ambassador-research scholar in Chinese kickboxing for the People’s Republic of China. He taught the French Sanshou national team in 2000. Master Gao currently serves as the vice-director of Technical Committee and Sparring & Combat Technical Committee of the World Fighting Martial Arts Federation.”