Buddha was hench

“In ‘A Bull of A Man’ John Powers seeks to reinvigorate the Buddha and his early disciples, restoring to them the masculinity that the authors of the Pali canon clearly intended them to have. Powers’ readings of the early biographies of the Buddha show that the story is one of heroic and manly self-control… While their chastity may have yoked their seminal energies for the pursuit of the exalted goal of liberation, their minds appear to have remained with their manhood.” http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674064034&content=reviews&fbclid=IwAR2yn36rTR9bUtxmwXeNP39RpZouG6RFpSU1fkx2M81fcirxXpNyVzAgRlU

Monkey boxer returns

Third in a fascinating series of articles/ 30 minute films. On one hand the teacher profiled, Jiang Yu Shan (Hisham), is a firm believer in the effectiveness (dare I say deadliness?) of traditional Chinese martial arts and an advocate of all the traditional hardening and healing practices, but as a kickboxer and grappler he is also critical of traditionalists who believe simply practising finger poke eye jabs in a deep horse stance is ever enough to create a true fighter (see film 1 in the series for his perspective on that)….

Hawkins RIP

Excellent article on Hawkins Cheung https://chinesemartialstudies.com/2019/02/07/hawkins-cheung-and-the-making-of-modern-wing-chun-history/?fbclid=IwAR3pbhAYYdWLC44MCK3KaRr6O_HOI-cxLrcMBJd0rY52XB75IJ6vpds-qmk

Northern Mantis kickboxer

Lawrence Kenshin:”Manson Gibson is by far the best awkward fighter I’ve ever seen. He won 12 world championships in multiple rulesets and credit it to his extensive background in praying mantis kung fu.”

Into the mystic

“William Calvani, an esotericist and strength athlete …is a self described “gentleman thuggee”, he combines Indian club and mace training with ‘war yoga’ to condition himself for catch wrestling.” https://plagueofstrength.com/essential-heretics-william-calvani-the-war-yogi/?fbclid=IwAR1C8crrbR0MEziJXxF7mQvgCuFVIO6ZXa4qzvBfjYQTfXnpvtyHeHj0jbs

Karate comes from Muay Thai?

Fabulous article from Patrick McCarthy. 
“Ti’gwa [手小] was Okinawa’s plebeian form of percussive impact—–aka “Te,” “Ti,” “Di” [手 meaning hand/s] or Okinawa-te and Uchinadi. It was an art that depended principally upon the use of clenched fists to strike an opponent [in contrast to the open hand method preferred by Chinese arts, according to both Kyan Chotoku & Miyagi Chojun] although the head, feet, shins, elbows and knees were also favoured…Satisfied that I had successfully located the original sources from which came Tegumi (wrestling), Torite (qinna) and Kata, my efforts to trace the origins of Ti’gwa proved a bit more challenging. Exhausting my search of Chinese, Korean and Japanese sources, and considering the possibility the plebeian art may have evolved indigenously, I …was pleasantly surprised to learn that for more than a thousand years both China and India had influenced the development of local fighting arts in SE Asia. Henceforth I widened the scope of my study. In spite of the many remarkable fighting traditions I found in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, etc., none seemed to resemble the simplicity of Ti’gwa. The only other culture in which I could locate a tradition of similar qualities, within reasonable geographical proximity and contemporary historical timeframes, was the old Kingdom of Siam and its ancient art of boxing, Muay Boran. https://irkrs.blogspot.com/2013/04/siamese-boxing-original-source-of.html?m=1&fbclid=IwAR2NOqPKEs2rGCVVLUUL7CdpwQWNhNuMM8qKE-dCEaK39dwOHX2YpHj7OeI

Sanda and White Crane in Brazil

I don’t know why, but I enjoy watching homemade dojo-promo martial montages from Brazil, particularly ones which start off with sanda classes and sparring and then move into Ancestral White Crane form practice (can’t help wondering where their Crane is from)…

TMA as safe haven for nerds!

Thought-provoking article which claims that MMA is driving traditional martial arts into extinction, leaving the bullied and marginalised nowhere to go to reinvent and strengthen themselves to face their persecutors. The fact that it’s written by someone who teaches Ellis Amdur’s approach to Aikijutsu, as well Muay Thai and BJJ makes the blog even more intriguing https://holisticbudo.com/2019/01/05/an-alternative-to-mainstream-mma-culture/?fbclid=IwAR370Oy42tpGyZKWMWH1-v7UooB3FH6lYxwSf8bg8lzRUt62QnUMXI7Rgz4

Nasty Mantis grudge match

Doing a little research on various Southern Praying Mantis teachers, I stumbled on this nasty little vintage grudge match between a Bak Mei teacher, Dr Wong, and a SPM teacher, Roger Hagood. After the teachers scrap in a mostly messy but finally decisive manner, two of their students give vent to their hostility in an unconstrained display of punching slapping and poking. It’s all bit of an unedifying car crash, apart from the sidekick…action starts from 14:00 https://vimeo.com/53998850 When I found out Dr Wong had made some derogatory comment about Roger H’s mum’s death, I found myself siding with him

New Silat MMA organisation

So it seems the enigmatic Mr B, the current head of Bangau Putih (White Crane) Silat, has come good on his pledge to set up and promote a full contact Silat format. On the strength of this video (action starts around 2:20 in) it’s somewhere between IPSI sport Silat and MMA, with headgear https://youtu.be/AefaqAudKw8 The whole video is an interesting watch, although it is clear that if mistimed, the classic Silat level change takedown is an invitation to ground-and-pound