MMA wouldn’t work against a street fighter?

MMA fighters would lose if they fought bareknuckle/ in the street? If you believe ‘streetfighters’ or convicts possess some sort of skill that combat sports fighters don’t, take a look at the career of Kimbo Slice…Slice initially trained exclusively for street boxing, focusing on bareknuckle techniques, dirty boxing from the clinch, and elbows. He rose to internet infamy by KOing equally fearsome looking opponents in raw, bareknuckle backyard fights. His only on-tape street fight loss was against a Boston police officer who trained in MMA. The popularity of the fight propelled Kimbo into MMA where he had some minor initial success against the likes of a washed-up Tank Abbott before failing hopelessly against fighters such as Roy Nelson and Matt Mitrione in a very brief stint in the UFC. How different would the cons on the prison yard be from Kimbo (apart from the hidden shank)? Here’s his career in three videos….

Vintage backyard Kimbo…

His only bare knuckle loss…against an MMA trained policeman

His first encounter with a higher level MMA guy