The old way: basics before forms

In one of the oldest, most functional Chinese styles, Tongbei, basic techniques were trained individually far more than forms… “Today the basic training in Qi style Tongbei is 108 individual techniques. Sometimes it is called Chai Quan – take apart skill. The basic training in Shi style is 24 postures, sometimes it is called Lian Quan – synthesized form.…As Qi style became more popular some forms were created for teaching purposes. Compared to Qi style, Shi style group still kept the old way” Strider Clark…The main trainings include: 6 Prime Skills, 8 Older Fists, 12 Linking Fists, 12 Cannon Fists, 24 Posture Form, 36 Take Apart Fist, Weapons. Note, ONE FORM only… Strider Clark in action (in case you’re one of the few people who’s not seen this clip, it never gets old…)  The source of the quote is here