Where’s the HEMA groundfighting?

I actually think this article misses the point of submission grappling or MMA (social dominance etc), but even so its worth remembering ground-fighting isn’t the best tactic in a knife fight …”We must remember, virtually everyone carried a dagger back then and often you might be facing multiple opponents, or be encumbered by armor. The last thing you wanted to do is grapple while laying prone where your eyes can be gouged, your groin ripped, and the adversary maim you by biting � you know, all the things that occur in life and death combat situations but are omitted and forbidden in the controlled conditions of wrestling sports and MMA. Go figure.” http://www.thearma.org/essays/WheresAlltheGroundFighting.html?fbclid=IwAR1RzYLgwpGR86X3tcIVf4sc6sRiRF9nz_5Zz2yn8S7899DoFTq8__4kC_g#.XHp41FP7SS5