“If CMA doesn’t wake up, it will die.”

MMA fighter Xu Xiao Dong really stirred things up when he beat down Tai Chi ‘master’ Wei Lei. Now Lü Baochun, a normally mild- mannered Baji Quan and Chen Taiji teacher (and erstwhile challenge-taker for Feng Zhiqiang) has taken the unusual step of airing his views on the match and what it means for Chinese martial arts .

1) Chinese martial arts is truly on its last breath and only something like this can help resuscitate it. That’s why this video and the fight in it is a very good thing. Chinese martial arts need to be violently shocked into waking up. Whoever does this is doing CMA a big favour. Direct quote from Master Lü: “The fight itself and who is fighting or who wins or loses is not important. What is important is that they are talking about CMA. It’s good because they are forcing it to wake up. If it doesn’t wake up, it will die.”

2) CMA started going downhill 30-40 years ago. Before that the principle said that when talking about fighting you should “talk with your fists”, not only wth your mouth. Now almost everybody (99%) of CMA have small fists and big mouths. It’s good that somebody shows up and shuts them up. “There is a time for talking but there should be a balance between talking and really fighting. We can and should talk about techniques, ideas, styles but you should be able to support it. Many people stay “inside” talking about how they are the best but refuse to open their doors and open their minds.

Who is best is determined by fists, not by talk. 3) Master Lü said he is glad to watch the video and he wants to thank both participants. They both did a good thing for CMA. Hopefully people will think hard about what is the future for CMA.